Miel EM - 220
Miel EM - 220

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Nature et passions

“I have invested my heart and mind into this project, I’m a pharmacist, passionate about science and enthusiast of life. My destiny led me to Souss region, to start a pharmacy business , indulge myself in honey and discover the benefits of api-therapy. I have collected our ancient practices, and tested everything on myself, my children and those around me. With my husband, we had tested, savored and adjusted, in order to share with you the essence of life” We didn’t invented anything, Nature et Passion is only the compilation of tested ancestral practices, it is the fusion of culture, wisdom and modernity. A good compromise to the excess of our contemporary civilization, and a real alternative to molecular pharmacology and over medicalization. The Moroccan Flore is generous and benevolent, we offer you the elixir of virtues. More than a brand, a long term commitment, NATURE et PASSION invites you to share its infatuation for these products and for our ancestral practices. Grown in pure tradition, and adopting fair trade, each of our products reflects a unique side of Morocco depending on the climate, region, period of harvest and available blossoms. The harvest varies across the seasons and the series are always exclusive and limited. The honey composition is never 100% made of the indicated blossom. It oscillates between 75%- 95%, since the bees can always wander in the vast fields. Our honey is guaranteed to be 100%natural. Its crystallization that changes its color and texture is the proof. More than just a purchase, it is an ecofriendly gesture, by using our products you participate in the protection of bees (disappearance of bees=disappearance of 60% of fruits and vegetables) you also participate in the return of richness to rural areas, hence the prevention of rural migration. We guarantee you artisanal products, packed according to the international norms. We let you be the judge.


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