Sérum Anti-tache
Sérum Anti-tache

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Sérum anti-taches 100% Naturel.

Anti-dark spots serum.

Combining tradition with modernity, Odarym takes the best of nature to sublimate your beauty and bring you the healthiest wellbeing. Odarym represent a return to the origins and to authenticity, by investing many years of scientific research to develop pure formulas and obtain the best synergies between oils and herbs offered by nature. Each Odarym product is made of 100% natural ingredients, grown in morocco such as the well-known argan oil, but also other oils, herbs and plants such as Jojoba, chamomile and Patchouli oils that have equally sought after benefits. By removing every chemical product, synthetic perfumes, preservative and colorant, Odarym offers you a unique experience and takes care of your body in the most natural way. In its products, Odarym combines the offerings of nature, scientific discoveries and the tradition of several generations of Moroccan women to put them at the service of your wellbeing.
Soap: Odarym offers a unique experience to everyone depending on his/her desire. That was our reason to create a large range of 100% natural soaps that meet the different needs of your skin. Varying from exfoliating to relaxing soaps, our beauty routine is enriched by exquisitely smelling soaps with highly moisturizing properties. Thanks to the artisanal manufacturing method, saponification, Odarym soaps preserve all the benefits of their natural composition and deliver an extreme smoothness during your baths.
Cosmetics : offer the purity of nature to your skin, while simplifying your beauty routine. Odarym created a range of simple and efficient products to take care of your skin and enhance your beauty while attending to the specific needs. Thanks to the several oils and plants that are high in nutrients, our cosmetics offer a deep cleansing and a complete hydration while respecting the pores, in order to deliver a smooth and tonic skin. Find the pleasure of skin care with Odarym.
Hamam: your favorite bath ritual will not be the same with the pack Hamam Odarym. With it special ingredients prepared traditionaly, and the scents that will enchant your sense, your hamam will be a pure and delightful cocooning moment.
Baby: Since the skin of your enfant is most sensitive, and that harmful substances must be discarded from a young age, we have created a baby care range for the pleasure of mothers. This range is based on meticulously examined formulas and 100% natural ingredients to take care of your baby’s skin with an infinite tenderness.


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