Algues powder
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Algues powder

Powder containing spirulina, chlorella and klamth algae.

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Powder containing spirulina, chlorella and klamth algae.


Poudre contenant de la spiruline,la chlorella et de l'algue klamth.

Nutritional values
Add 2 spoons to 300ml of water or juice, you can also sprinkle it on your dessert, yogurt.
Usage tips
Powder containing spirulina, chlorella and klamth algae.
Nutritional values / 100g serving: Energy value (kJ) 1592 Energy value (kcal) 378 Fats (g) 8,0 Saturated fatty acids (g) 3,3 Carbohydrates (g) 10 Sugar (g) 0,2 Fibers (g) 6,3 Proteins (g) 63 Salt (g) 2,0

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