Couscous Quinoa Rice, 500g
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Couscous Quinoa Rice, 500g

By mixing quinoa and rice, this couscous combines the minerals and proteins of quinoa with the energy properties of rice to ensure a balanced diet. ?

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By mixing quinoa and rice, this couscous combines the minerals and proteins of quinoa with the energy properties of rice to ensure a balanced diet. ?


Rice, quinoa and salt

Usage tips

? Use to prepare your couscous dishes or fresh salads .

Store in a cool dry

Amendy Foods

Amendy is a social company active in sustainable farming, it produces and commercializes healthy and nourishing food products. Amendy help small farmers grow alternative grains such as quinoa, to fight climate change and generate a shared profit. Now you can combine the healthy and savory properties of Amendy’s quinoa. Proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, Amendy’s quinoa, in addition to being gluten-free, is full of nutritional qualities that make your meals a healthy and nutritious delight. Thanks to it sweet taste, it enhances your meals and diversifies your menu while taking you in a great culinary experience and an agreeable feeling of satiation. Amendy’s quinoa is a super food, light and easy to digest. It is a great source of iron and fibers which are related to decreasing risks of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer. The complete protein composition of Amendy’s quinoa makes it a favorite among vegetarians and people who want to take care of their nutrition and follow a healthy lifestyle. The Amendy’s quinoa range contains: quinoa grains, quinoa flour, quinoa semolina and quinoa nutrition Powder. The production of Amendy’s quinoa is 100% Moroccan, product of sustainable farming that value inoperable soils suffering from accentuated salinity and harmful effects of climate change. Amendy is operating in Chichaoua region, an area strongly affected by water rarity and harsh semi-arid climate. Amendy Foods is a green startup that plans to become a reference company in the field of healthy and nutritious aliments in Morocco, Amendy’s quinoa emanates from an inclusive business model that value win-win solutions to benefit the business and the local interest. Amendy Foods was supported by different actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as Unilever Maghreb, Enactus Morocco, OCP Entrepreneurship Network , in addition to the Moroccan center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.


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