Thyme Honey 150g
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Thyme Honey 150g

Thyme Honey

Seller : Saveurs de Miel
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Thyme Honey

Saveurs de Miel

My husband and I are a member of FIMAP (the Moroccan Inter-professional federation of beekeepers) and we have created a beekeeping family business. Today, we have around a hundred hives that we plan extending to 500-1000 in the next 2-5 years.
Our principles: we are engaged in a responsible and sustainable beekeeping that produces only premium honeys:
- A strict selection of blossoms and honeys that are produced in altitude (mountains and highlands)
- Employing natural production means (natural wax comb, without added nourishment for blossoms, fumigation only using to wild herbs)
-Modern extraction, filtration and maturation of honey using Inox equipment.
- Respect of the biological recovery period between blooms.
- A reasoned natural treatment of parasites.
- Laboratory analysis of honey (LOARC) for a guaranteed quality.
Beyond its unique characteristics (color, texture, natural pronounced aroma, lingering taste.... ) our honey is firstly delicious, it is delighting in breakfast and snacks, for both children and adults.


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